Hair Club has the best Hair Specialists in Pakistan with Proven Results

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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, 3rd Sep 2022,  Hair problems are something that every aging individual deals with, due to the advancement in technology it has now been made possible to fix those problems. The Hair Club has the best hair specialists in Pakistan to treat those problems. They are always available to provide you with the best consultation and solution for your hair problems. 

Main causes of hair loss:

Hair specialist in Pakistan has studied the causes of hair loss and they understand they understand that hair loss has been a serious issue in both men and women around the world. Hair loss occurs due to several factors

  • The primary reason for hair loss is genetics
  • Poor nutrition can also result in hair loss
  • Usage of certain drugs and medications can lead to hair loss
  • Thyroid disease, drastic infection, or fungus infection can also result in hair loss

Hair loss remedies:

Hair specialist in Lahore has given a lot of hair loss solutions that are used by patients with hair fall

  • Rogaine and Propecia are the authorized hair loss solutions used.
  • The other permanent hair loss solutions include surgical treatments like FUE and FUT that are performed under the care of skilled hair specialists at Hair Club.
  • Another solution is PRP hair treatment which injects the plasma into your scalp to maintain hair growth
  • Non-surgical methods for hair loss treatment apart from hair medications involve the usage of hair units and hair systems

Popular hair replacement methods:

Hair specialist in Karachi at Hair Club informs hair loss sufferers that hair grafting is the most common surgical hair restoration technique. There are two main types of hair transplants, Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. The difference between the two is that an FUE hair transplant procedure involves single hair follicles which are removed from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area.

FUT method involves the removal of hair-bearing skin from the scalp which is then divided into grafts and then the implantation is implemented.

Scalp reduction:

A hair specialist in Islamabad explains scalp reduction as a surgical method that involves the removal of bald skin from the scalp. The donor area that bears’ hair will be pulled up and stitched on the top of your head. This procedure can be a good choice for someone who has healthy scalp skin with adequate elasticity or someone who has enough hair on the sides of his head and donor areas.

At Hair Club, you’ll find numerous professionals and proficient hair specialists who are always at your service. Visit Hair Club to get the best treatment for yourself. 

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