NFJ Labs chooses the ibentos metaverse platform to launch the World’s first Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery to showcase the exquisite art of Alessio Boschi

Jewellery industry is one of the earlier adopters of metaverse, which is making headlines every other day. It is a perfect category for jewellery brands that choose to have their virtual stores and NFTs inside an immersive 3D environment of a metaverse, distinguished by social interactions.

NFJ Labs is the first organisation to realize and use the potential of Web 3.0 to provide a direct metaverse platform to jewellery designers where they can showcase their work without getting stuck into the loop of corporatization. With their Metaverse Platform partner ibentos, NFJ Labs launches the world’s first-ever metaverse store where customers can buy, sell, and trade in Non-Fungible Jewellery. They foray into the metaverse with intricately engineered designs of Alessio Boschi, the renowned Italian-born jewellery artist.

In the metaverse, NFJ Labs has seen a possibility to offer designers an uninterrupted market to show their masterpieces and make them eternal using NFTs. Their idea of attaching the original physical asset to the NFT has the potential to disrupt the way NFTs and fine jewellery are perceived in the market. Naman Siddharth, CEO, and Founder of NFJ Labs shares, “We have launched the World’s first Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery at Vicenzaoro,

the Jewellery Boutique Show, and a huge contribution of this launch comes from the superior-tech stack that came on board with the ibentos Metaverse platform. We wanted a perfect platform for our debut metaverse jewellery store because it was important for the platform to do justice to the magnanimity of the designer, the man behind this spectacle, Alessio Boschi. And after evaluating various platforms and teams behind them, we chose ibentos. With its thorough 3D immersive ecosystem and robust framework, they complemented the magnificence of the jewels skilfully curated by Alessio and after getting an exceptional support from their team, I’m very glad that we chose them as our Metaverse Platform Partner.”

Harpreet Bhatia, the CEO of ibentos, offered his opinions on in response to their advancement into the metaverse and their collaboration with NFJ Labs for the first-ever decentralized metaverse jewellery launch, “We have been the forerunners of hybrid and virtual events technology for some time now and we understand the value of ‘experience’ that needs to be offered to every virtual attendee. NFJ Labs’ vision came to us as a challenging yet exciting project, especially when we too were speedily moving towards advanced experiential technologies like WEB 3.0, Metaverse and NFTs. What enticed us about the project was its uniqueness and the vision it carried along. This project gave us the opportunity to take the viewer experience to another level and upgrade our metaverse platform to make it VR-compatible. We are glad that with all the efforts put in, our platform could create a highly immersive and secure virtual experience for the customers of Alessio Boschi’s statement jewellery. With our experience and expertise in hand, we are really looking forward to strengthening our partnership with NFJ Labs to empower various fine-jewellery artists and redefine the jewellery industry in the virtual era.”

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