Hottest blockchain project in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

HongKong, West Kowloon — The FIFA World Cup 2022, the biggest tournament of the king sport, is bringing excitement to every corner of the planet; it not only spreads to the real world, but also makes the market for football video games more desirable than ever before. In response, Crypto Pitch, a platform based Blockchain technology and NFT, was developed as a bridge enabling blockchain users to enjoy the World Cup tournament in their own unique way.

Crypto Pitch offers users three basic functions: GamePlay, Staking and Prediction System.


Crypto Pitch is a strategy and management game in which players take on the role of professional football coaches, manage a world-class team of players, and earn attractive rewards. Crypto Pitch, a click-to-earn game, brings fresh twists to the GameFi industry, which once had all but is now being called into doubt about its features and effectiveness. 

Released in a limited quantity, Crypto Pitch NFTs are digital trading cards representing real-world football players. Each NFT will have unique stats depending on the rarity. Besides playing games, users can stake NFT to receive more rewards and optimize profits.

Users, like a real-life coach, must recruit NFT Players and then build a team of 5 (or 11) players to begin the game. The team’s strength will be calculated by combining each player’s stats, which may be boosted through NFT level-up or NFT Merge. Every four months, Crypto Pitch will hold a Tournament with attractive prizes to honor the top coaches.

Crypto Pitch applies Blockchain technology to promote transparency and curb inflation, a hot potato in the GameFi sector, while still ensuring rewards for users. Moreover, thanks to Pitch Bridge, users can effortlessly engage in Crypto Pitch through various blockchain platforms.


Not only does Crypto Pitch cater to football and gaming lovers, but it also provides other users with passive earning opportunities via its Staking feature. All the user needs to do to get the reward is to stake idle tokens in their wallets. The rewards will accumulate over time via Proof of Stake consensus and can be taken after the mandatory timelock.


Prediction, a potential sector in the forthcoming World Cup season, was also highlighted in the project Roadmap. Users may purchase NFT tickets, stake them, and predict the results of matches in the 2022 World Cup, including the first goal and entire match results. If the prediction is correct, users will receive massive rewards and even an opportunity to mint one NFT player.


Crypto Pitch is a highly expected game and a potential Blockchain project in this World Cup season. With what it can bring, Crypto Pitch promises to be a breath of new air in the GameFi industry.


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