Snoop Duck NFT sold for 37,000USD (23 ETH).

An ecosystem for connoiUgly Duck NFTs take the lead and continue to witness an exponential increase in value. 

Revolutionizing NFT Art. 


Ugly Duck is an art NFT project comprising 9,999 Ugly Ducks, each having its own unique features and over 250 different traits. The utility-enabled each NFT can be staked or nested by the holders to generate passive income earned in Duck coins. The project was recently the center of attention for Blockchain experts as their Snoop Duck NFT was sold for a whopping 37,000$ (23 ETH). View their Snoop Duck NFT at Snoop Duck NFT.


The Covid-19 pandemic jolted significant parts of the world, with many small businesses forced to shut, crippling economies, increasing inflation and unemployment. A debate among financial experts was stirred about the importance of passive income and the need for a power shift from a centralized finance system to the world of decentralized finance. The increasing number of NFT projects is a testimonial of people, especially the newer generations, to the increased inclination towards Blockchain


The passive duck coin income can be used for exciting and unforgettable purchases the project has to offer by buying and cracking mystery eggs that give holders mystery rewards. The holders also get an exclusive ticket to join the private ugly duck club, which has more than any stretch of imagination offers and activities. The project detailing has been kept under the covers to maintain anticipation among people. To be a part of the Ugly Duck NFT community, hold an Ugly Duck NFT today. 


The amount of rewards holders earn depends on various factors. The project’s quick earn and multiply mechanism ensures holders receive a mystery egg every 12 hours; ducking holders are rewarded with virtual duck coins directly in their quacking wallet, allowing a smooth, hassle-free and straightforward process for holders. Some factors that influence the number of rewards are,

  • The rarity of the Ugly Duck
  • Upgrades from Mystery Eggs
  • The time that the Ugly Duck has not moved out of the wallet of the holder, so the longer it is held, the better.


The upgrades from mystery eggs can be in the form of:

  • Duck Coins – up to x10 from the price of the egg
  • Upgrade the Duck – up to 500% staking power!
  • Duck List for the Mystery Egg Collection and many others!


The project’s developers are young minds who believe fully in the potential of the Blockchain future. The developers also shared their commitment to giving back to the community to ones in need, and 200 NFTs will be sold to support a charity, the decision of which will be entirely in the hands of the community. George, the CEO and Marketing Manager and Viktor, the Project Manager, further added:

‘We have the services of some of the most talented artists who are globally renowned for their digital artwork and graffiti to produce masterpieces of art. Our vision is to create the largest and most profitable, decentralized network of NFT communities and an alpha group of high-end art collectors and artists. It is a community centered project. The decision-making process is entirely up to the community. Come, join us and be the decision maker of the future.’ 


For more details and information, visit their website. Join their Discord for the latest updates. 

About Ugly Duck NFTs

Ugly Duck Collection is an NFT (Non-fungible token) collection. A collection of 9.999 digital artwork stored on the Blockchain. The mega project has on board some of the big names of digital artwork to produce high-end art. With a vision to create the largest and most profitable decentralized network of NFT communities, the project has been well received and recently made headlines with the sale of their Snoop Duck NFT for 37,000$ (23 ETH).



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