NEWRGY IMEX Provides $1 Million Worth of Life-saving Aid to Earthquake-Stricken Area in Marrakech, Morocco

Colorado — On the evening of September 8, 2023, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck southwest Marrakech, Morocco. As of September 15, the earthquake has caused at least 2,946 fatalities and left 5,674 people injured. With time passing, the death toll may continue to rise.

This earthquake is the most severe in Morocco in 120 years and is the second-largest earthquake disaster globally this year, following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey.

Among the injured, 68% are severely wounded, indicating a higher prevalence of brittle building structures that collapse rapidly, leading to the formation of fragmented ruins. Once collapsed, people have little time to react, resulting in a very high mortality and severe injury rate.

Due to the extensive area of collapsed houses and severe destruction, many are concerned about the adverse environmental and hygiene conditions posing new threats to survivors. Moreover, due to the extensive damage to homes, a significant number of ordinary civilians are now homeless, facing a severe shortage of life essentials.

On the third day after the earthquake, the board of directors of NEWRGY IMEX Group entered into a humanitarian relief agreement and urgently procured $1 million worth of life-saving supplies, including food, water, hygiene items, and blankets, which were shipped to the disaster-stricken area in Morocco through the British Red Cross.

At the same time, the world came together to assist Morocco. In this race against time for rescue operations, leaders such as French President Macron, Indian Prime Minister Modi, and officials from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Union, and European Commission, pledged in a joint statement to mobilize technical and financial resources to aid the people of Morocco.

Disasters are ruthless, but humanity is compassionate! As a leading global investment bank and asset management platform, NEWRGY IMEX has consistently adhered to high standards of business ethics and social responsibility. While striving to create greater value for clients, employees, and society, the company remains committed to giving back to society and upholding ethical principles. As of the time of this release, the company has also dispatched specialized technical personnel and provided much-needed earthquake relief equipment to support international rescue teams in their efforts in Morocco for post-disaster emergency response and reconstruction.

In the face of this unprecedented disaster, fortunately, the spirit of the Moroccan people remains unbroken by the earthquake. International aid from around the world gives hope to the survivors, and they stand together. They make the government-provided blue tents their homes, women prepare milk porridge for breakfast for everyone, and men distribute donated supplies to each family. Children play football in the mud or huddle close to adults.

Earthquakes are highly destructive natural disasters that remain unpredictable. In the face of such disasters, the mutual assistance and courage displayed among the Moroccan people and the global outpouring of support from individuals and businesses represent a great love of humanity. When convoys filled with relief supplies pass by, what’s inside is not just relief items, but also an abundance of love.

We, all of us at NEWRGY IMEX, sincerely hope that the Moroccan people can recover from this disaster, rebuild their homes, and return to normalcy as soon as possible!

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