Odyssey Creates Multifaceted Resource Integration, Leading the Market to New Opportunities

United States, 24th Oct 2023, King NewsWireFor companies, non-performing assets are a difficult ‘meal’ to digest – lacking operational strategies and working capital to revitalize, manage, and turn losses into profits. For example, an unfinished building located in a prime location. For banks, the non-performing assets they hold are a long-standing ‘ailment’ accumulated on their balance sheets. But for investment institutions with sharp vision, keen instincts, and the ability to seize business opportunities – such as Odyssey – this is undoubtedly a tempting ‘big cake.’


As a global financial technology group engaged in multi-asset management, since 2021, Odyssey has seen significant opportunities in the post-pandemic non-performing asset disposal industry. They have real-time adjusted their strategic positioning, delving into the field of non-performing asset disposal and adhering to the service motto of being ‘market-oriented, customer-centric, and empowering entrepreneurs.’ By continually innovating and upgrading their business service ecosystem, combined with their own investment and financing platform, they consistently provide professional, comprehensive, and personalized non-performing asset disposal solutions for clients, helping numerous companies easily address various challenges such as industrial chain upgrades and debt crises during their development.

Currently, Odyssey primarily focuses on traditional enterprises in the field of non-performing asset disposal, including:

(1) Distressed Business of Listed Companies

The company is committed to using various means of non-performing assets to participate in the market and resolve risks related to listed companies and their assets in a market-oriented manner.

(2) Debt-to-Equity Business

The company uses various methods, such as debt-to-equity conversion, to actively and effectively revitalize non-performing assets and resolve operational difficulties for real businesses.

(3) Default Debt Investment Business

The company actively participates in the default bond business to mitigate corporate debt risks.

As of the end of September, through various effective methods in the market, Odyssey successfully resolved corporate debt risks of $150 million and achieved investment profits of over $50 million.


Regarding resource integration in the market, the company has established multiple partnerships with globally renowned banks, trust funds, and venture capital institutions. These excellent partners include Tiantong Investment, Daxi Life, Merrill Lynch, Standard Chartered Bank, Deloitte Fund, and Allianz Asset Management, among others.

In the field of capital market operations for non-performing assets, Odyssey, with its core advantages of ‘professionalism, integrity, efficiency, and pragmatism’ and a customized service model, has become a rising star in the industry.

The core team members for the company’s asset liquidation are experienced corporate consultants, certified public accountants, asset appraisers, and business management experts who have successfully managed multiple projects and have a good reputation in the industry.

Years of market experience have led the company to realize that a single resource advantage no longer meets the needs of the non-performing asset market at this stage. Neither a wholesale model driven by capital nor a managed withdrawal model driven by professionalism can truly meet the capital needs of businesses. Only through innovative models and effective resource integration can each party’s strengths be better utilized.


For specific financial and asset conditions of companies, the company will adjust due diligence schemes as needed and match risks and returns for assets of different credit levels. Then, by transforming non-performing assets into equity in the company, the original debt relationship becomes an investment relationship, with the creditors of the company becoming contributors and shareholders and sharing profits or losses according to their holdings. In this transformation process, the company’s investment contributors become direct beneficiaries, and this approach has been warmly welcomed by the market.

At the same time, the company also takes measures to protect against losses by acquiring debt at the lowest possible cost. On the other hand, they aim to restructure distressed debt assets to restore financial liquidity and achieve higher returns.

Looking ahead, in the field of non-performing asset disposal, Odyssey will constantly keep pace with market developments, seize emerging industry opportunities, continuously explore and innovate service models, and make every effort to provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services, as well as ensuring more compliant and efficient investment returns for investors!

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