Is Placing a Big Bet on KASPA

London, UK, 24th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, (GDAG) recently announced their acquisition of $350,000 worth of Kaspa Miners. The group is on the verge of scaling the operation to the $1,000,000 mark in their colocated Mining DC, now open for institutional inquiries for Mining as a Service. 

The operation removes the cumbersome tasks of managing IT infrastructure and associated OpEx by allowing for hassle-free Kaspa (KAS) exposure at a nominal fee. Customers can leverage the top-grade mining facility and pool in the hash to maximize KAS profits without having to roll their sleeves and build an infrastructure. 

A Strategic Move to Democratize Crypto Mining

GDAG’s move further simplifies operations for non-institutional mining enthusiasts who lack the pocket size to match miners at scale. GhostDAG brings a democratized large-scale institutional-grade KAS mining made accessible to Ethereum users.

As the earliest KAS adopters, the project remains well-positioned to support the Kaspa network, enabling future builders to thrive. 

KASPA emerges as a mining game-changing solution, providing unparalleled speed, decentralization, and scalability. Thanks to the innovative GhostDAG protocol and blockDAG technology, KASPA offers instantaneous transaction confirmation and parallel block processing. The system’s proof-of-work engine further adds to its robustness, ensuring high-speed and secure transactions. 

The GDAG Token

And with the GDAG ERC-20 token, users can easily mine KAS without switching from Ethereum. Considering Ethereum’s popularity and widespread use, this opens up the doors for more miners to join the Kaspa network and contribute to its growth.

But mining isn’t just about contributing to the network’s scalability. It also comes with enticing rewards. The recent listings on top-tier CEXs have shown institutional adoption of KAS, which can potentially lead to increased demand and value for the token. This, in turn, can result in higher rewards for miners and holders.

Additionally, as Kaspa is still relatively young, the platform has vast potential for growth and development. Many traditional ecosystems on other chains have yet to be incubated on Kaspa, making it an attractive field for further expansion and exponential growth.

About is an innovative platform comprised of early adopters of KAS. They have journeyed with KAS through its extraordinary growth and inevitable challenges. Their belief in KAS’s potential to emerge as a top 5 Cryptocurrency motivates them to become a premier mining institution. 

Utilizing their broad Ethereum community reach, they aim to enrich the KAS ecosystem. Their strategies include mining KAS, boosting social engagement across various media, and conducting awareness drives. Additionally, they anticipate drawing significant user attention through GDAG marketing. 

A unique GDAG token staking pool, launched in collaboration with Web3 Partners and co-founders, enables holders to stake their GDAG tokens and earn Mining Rewards. Anyone wishing to learn more about GhostDAG and the KASPA ecosystem may visit the official website and the pages below.

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