How PayPound Brought a Travel Company Back in Business

The payment industry and travel sector have never been in a great relationship. There are many instances that show the failures of travel businesses, like the collapse of Thomas Cook and Monarch Airlines. Both travel businesses and payment partners accused the other of being the reason for the failure of their business. 

Jack started his travel firm and launched a website to facilitate his customers’ book the services online. He tied up with a payment partner for processing online payments that worked very well at the beginning. Finally, customers made the online booking of travel services, and Jack enjoyed the money flowing in.

Everything was well for the first few months, the advertisements were working well, and the business was getting customers satisfied with the services. Then, suddenly, the customers started experiencing problems with payments, and they could not make online bookings.

Jack asked his manager to contact the payment partner services to know why customers are getting problems with payments. On consulting with the payment services, the manager found no issue on the payment partner’s end.

They asked them to contact the acquiring bank. On contacting the acquiring bank, they found that there were no issues with the bank too. Both the payment partner and bank said that there were no problems on their end.

Loss of Customers and Sales

Jack and his manager were in a serious dilemma as the company started losing customers who were shifting to other travel services. Once again, Jack and his manager contacted the payment partner and found that the issue was prevalent only in third-party payments like Paypal, Google pay, Apple pay and e-wallets. The payment partner consoled them and said that they would try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

There were no issues with card payments, bank transfers, and electronic funds transfers, but most people prefer using third-party payments that failed, leading to loss of customers and sales. Jack’s travel company started making losses, and they were not getting any solution. So Jack decided to break up with the payment partner and started looking for a new party for payment services.

Jack asked his friend Smith, who runs a gaming business, to suggest him a good payment partner. Smith was using the services of Paypound and suggested to Jack about the same. He told Jack that he never faces any problems regarding payments and everything was working well since he started using Paypound.

Paypound offered the solution.

Jack contacted Paypound for payment services and told them about his business’s problems with the previous partner. As a result, Paypound asked Jack to contact them on a video conference that involved technical offices from Paypound, Jack and his manager. They discussed every problem Jack faced regarding the payments and assured them that his company would not face such issues in the future.

Jack agreed to join hands with Paypound and started using their services. Paypound analyzed all the risks involved with Jack’s previous payment partner and resolved all of them one by one. They paid special attention to failed payments in the case of e-wallets and third-party payments.

Improved Customer Service

With Paypound, Jack’s customers didn’t face any such problem as the company used multiple layers of security and software to ensure seamless transactions. Now the customers were able to make hassle-free payments in the first attempt. Paypound addressed all the payment related problems of Jack’s business and also offered seamless customer service.

Jack’s customers who faced minor problems contacted Paypound customer service and got the solution in the first attempt. As Paypound services are available across the globe, Jack decided to offer international services and tied up with some travel services in some other countries. 

Improved Sales and Revenue

As soon as the payments got back on track, Jack invested in advertising to draw new customers and positive results within a few months. With Paypound, his company served the new and existing customers with the best of their services. Customers could now pay in their local currency and were also allowed to use all types of international cards like Master card, Visa card, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, etc.

Jacks travel business started growing, sales improved, and the revenue also increased multiple folds. All this happened due to implementing the right marketing strategies and seamless payment services offered by Paypound. On top of that, Paypound’s outstanding customer service played a vital role in resolving customer’s payment related issues and retaining them.

Join Hands with Paypound

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