Umate Set to Revolutionize Web 3.0 Fan Monetization with Innovative Features

The innovative content creator platform Umate has garnered the favor of content creators. Umate stands out not only due to its ample financial backing but also because of its strong emphasis on creators’ monetization experience.



New York, United States, 11th Dec 2023, King NewsWireUmate has established itself as a leading platform that is set to revolutionize Web 3.0 fan monetization with innovative features. The platform offers various flexible monetization models, including subscription-based payments, paid text and images, VIP customized services, and 1v1 live streaming. Creators can get additional tiered revenue by completing specific creator tasks, achieving satisfactory returns.

Umate’s professional fund management mechanism ensures the security of funds. The withdrawal process is swift, supporting instant settlement in multiple currencies and allowing deposits and withdrawals in USDT, positioning Umate as a frontrunner in the Web 3.0 ecosystem for creator platforms.



Lukashenko Leewoods, Umate’s Chief Marketing Officer, proudly announced that the renowned phenomenon-level creator HongKongDoll has successfully joined the Umate platform. HongKongDoll, who boasts the largest fan base among all Chinese creators across platforms, chose Umate as her first collaboration partner upon returning to the scene. According to her analysis, compared to platforms like OnlyFans, Umate supports both RMB and USDT, addressing pain points related to fan recharge and settlement, ensuring efficient withdrawal and fund security.

Umate offers diverse monetization methods, allowing creators to set subscription fees for their circles on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Creators can also set prices for individual photos, videos, and sell personal contact information. Unlocking VIP customized services provides an enhanced experience, granting users unlimited access to view circles during the subscription period. Features such as selling personal items and the preparation for 1V1 live streaming are also in progress and will be unveiled soon. Unlike traditional knowledge payment platforms, Umate focuses on creators’ unique creative consciousness, providing unique features and high rewards to support self-expression for various groups, including those with sexy, cute, anime-related, text-based, or special preferences such as BDSM, transgender, or individuals and cross-dressing men.



Simultaneously, Umate places a strong emphasis on protecting creators’ privacy, implementing measures such as adding watermarks to content and creating unique watermarks for each fan. Additionally, it prevents sanctioned users from creating new accounts.

Lukashenko recognizes a growing group of mid-level creators—individuals with a substantial fan base and income who seek new opportunities for international growth, especially those who value the spending power of Chinese-speaking fans. Therefore, Umate positions itself as an ideal bridge to meet the evolving needs of these creators.



Through completing creator tasks, creators at different stages can get additional tiered revenue, gaining 3%-10% higher returns on the base 80% revenue share, making it more attractive than the inflexible revenue-sharing schemes of OnlyFans. Overall, Umate has emerged as a rising star and a highly anticipated content creator platform. Combining financial support, a creator-centric approach, and robust protective measures, Umate offers new avenues for creator growth. It has garnered widespread attention not only for attracting international figures like HongKongDoll but also for continuously facilitating international opportunities for renowned Chinese creators. In the future, Umate aims to penetrate the daily lives of non-Chinese creators, leveraging its strengths.



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